Saturday, November 20, 2010

Little projects

I seriously feel like there must be a trail of smoke following me because I've been on fire lately!  I have been blitzing out projects like crazy, and I thought that I could share at least two of those fun project with you.
This is a cute little quilted pillow that I'm bringing as my gift to exchange to my women's small group Christmas party.  I had never made a pillowcase before, so I wanted to give myself plenty of time to mess up, but it went together without a hitch!

The pretty little colored bits of fabric are from some samples given to me by Kay Fant of Kay Fant Designs here in Destin.  She was so sweet to think of me when she was cleaning out her old fabric swatches!

 I have to admit that I think it looks just smashing in our living room... maybe there will be more cute little pillows in my future.  

The next little fun project is screen printed!!!

 I am so excited that this worked!!!  This blue bunny was my first attempt at screen printing; I did this practice bunny on a ratty old t-shirt.  Paul was watching me with a disbelieving look on his face when I was getting everything prepped, so he had to stay and watch me actually print it.  We were both pretty amazed.


 Here is the t-shirt that I will actually be wearing!  I just LOVE it!!!
  So I bet you've guessed that I will be posting tons of screen printing projects as well as quilting projects in the future, so LOOK OUT!

Ps. once I've made the screen it is very simple to make another t-shirt.  If you are interested in buying a cheer up bunny t-shirt I would be happy to make one for you for $10. 


  1. The screen printing is like magic! the ink just lays on the shirt and creates a picture...whoa! I saw it with mine own eyes!

  2. I love, love your projects! And, I love, love your adventurous spirit to try all different types of projects!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your craft excitement inspires me! I learned to use the sewing machine machine yesterday! Soooo exciting! Now I want to sew the whole world.

  4. Thanks for letting me know about the OG bread stick recipe. I replied to your comment on my blog so that others could benefit too. But, I wanted to say thank you for the feedback. I updated the recipe to reflect the fact that I use unsalted butter and that I used sea salt in the melted garlic butter mix. I used garlic powder not garlic salt as well, but I think the recipe already said that. I hope they turn out better if you try them again. Blessings!

  5. I am drooling over your pillow! It would probably look fantastic in just about any room :-)