Friday, October 22, 2010

150 foot tall giraffe!!

This is a baby quilt that I finished a month or two ago for some dear friends of ours who just had their first child, and this quilt was especially for him.

It's a pretty simple square quilt design with his name appliqued to to the front, fussy cut animals in some of the squares, and a soft flannel for the backing.

The star animal has to be this 150 foot tall giraffe!

I particularly liked this picture of the bright orange binding.

I've been working pretty hard trying to get my machine quilting skills developed, and I think it turned out pretty great on this quilt. I got the quilting design from That site is great if you need some creative ideas for the actual quilting!

I hope baby G grows up to love the quilt as much as I love him already!!


  1. That is some great quiltin'! Giraffes can get to at least 120 feet tall so it's not that much of a stretch to 150 feet..hahaha. you can see the love for babies in each little stitch. i love you kate.

  2. That is so lovely, Kate! I have several quilt tops stored away that I just haven't had the time or courage to finish up. However, I am making a quilt for a friend's baby, and plan to do the quilting myself. It should be an adventure!

  3. Beautiful work, Kate! I love it! And I miss you.

  4. What a lovely quilt and beautiful quilting - do you do the quilting on a domestic machine?

  5. Thank you everyone, and yes Happy Quilter I do all my quilting on the same machine I do my piecing. I am very fortunate to have a nice sewing machine, but with the right tricks I think you can do creative machine quilting on any sewing machine.